Merelda Wu
Merelda Wu
Dec 3, 2019 1 min read

McKinsey: Global AI Survey

This study from McKinsey suggested that there have been measurable benefits from deployed AI. It is encouraging to see that AI adoption across all industries and regions are growing, especially that the majority of the executives reported that it has increased their revenue and/or reduced cost.

We have noted a couple of key points that enabled the AI high performers to excel:

  1. Corporate strategy aligned with AI strategy
  2. Standardised toolsets for the professionals to use
  3. AI is applied to core practices to drive value
  4. Actively mitigate risks associated with the technology
  5. Training programs to assist workforce for AI adoption

We encourage everyone to read this report and identify where your organisation stands in terms of AI maturity. Taking the learnings from the AI leaders can help you carve out a road map that leads your organisation into the era of 4IR.

Lastly, note that this report is focused on deployed AI. If your AI solution is still sitting on a shelf, Melio is here to help :)

👉   Read full report here