Merelda Wu
Merelda Wu
Mar 2, 2020 1 min read

O'Reilly: 5 key areas for tech leaders to watch in 2020

According to O’Reillly online learning platform report, summarising the AI/ML:

➡ Python is preeminent, while scala and R are both declining year-on-year ➡ AI and ML continues to grow, including the deep learning domain ➡ Data engineering (excluding data management) is the most shared topic within data ➡ Hadoop ecosystem continues the year-long decline ➡ In software architecture, a sustained interest in microservice as well as a huge shift into Cloud Native design ➡ Kubernetes has become the de facto of container orchestration

💎   Our biggest take-away is this   💎

The industry as a whole is starting to understand data science better. As such, we are trying to appropriate the PoCs to generate business value in production. This requires better software architecture design, ability to scale and integrate a myarid of data sources.

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