Merelda Wu
Merelda Wu
Mar 10, 2020 1 min read

WORKERA: AI Career Pathways

There is an emergence of two types of AI focuses within an organisation according to WORKERA:

⏩   With a data science focus: it aims to help business leaders make data-driven decisions and run their business more effectively. The main tasks of the team include collecting data, analyse datasets and suggest hypotheses and actions.

⏩   With a machine learning focus: it aims at automating tasks to reduce costs or scale products. The main tasks include collecting data, training and deploying models.

Both ways have a heavy data collection component, but the downstream tasks diverge slightly. The infrastructure required to support the two ways have many overlaps but have a different emphasis on experimentation and reliability.

⏩   The data science team needs a mature experimentation suite.

⏩   The machine learning team needs a reliable way to scale and deploy.

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