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5 Steps to Frictionless AI

How can we make AI frictionless?

What the Ops are you talking about?

How to choose between DataOps vs MLOps vs AIOps - what are the right Ops for your big data team?

Launching Into Uncertainty - 6 Smart Steps to Future-Proof Your ML Models

Your machine learning model is going to fail in the pandemic.

3 Tips You Need To Save Your Data Science Project Scope

Never spend another second building a monster-app that is miles away from the original scope.

Rise above the ordinary — a data science reading list

An hour reading sprint a day to keep your knowledge broad and up-to-date

3 Tips on Defining a Data Science Project Scope with Business

Never be in trouble for delivering the wrong thing at the wrong time to the wrong person.

5 Reasons Why You Should Join Deep Learning Indaba 2019

In April this year, instead of organising my 20-something birthday party, I spent hours writing motivating emails to my company to convince them to send me to Deep Learning Indaba.